Do you like Gardening?
Perhaps a full Garden is a bit much to maintain
Or you lack the space for one.

The Gardening Group works together to maintain and enjoy the Park and Gardens around the Centre.

Setup in 2016 with help from the Park Ranger of Howard Park. The Gardening group was created to ensure that everyone who has enjoyed gardening over the years can continue to enjoy it without having to worry about some of the restrictions they might otherwise face.

The group is open to everyone, with no required ability or experience just a love of gardening or the environment.

The sessions are practical and hands on ranging from constructing bird-feeders, maintaining window boxes and hangers and creating decorations for use at the centre and fairs. The group meet once a month and often have guests visiting with activities or talks.

The sessions meet once a month in the morning between 10am and 12am

The next session is Tuesday 16th August