How can you help?

The Howard Garden Social and Day Care Centre is an independent charity run by members of the community for members of the community. We continue to strive to deliver on our mission at a price which is accessible to those who need to make use of our services. It is a difficult balance and one which is greatly eased by the generous support of the local community.


There are many ways which you can help us achieve our goals.

The one thing above all else that allows us to continue with our activities is the incredible input of our volunteers. They give up their own valuable time in order to help out at the centre, everyone has their own reasons for helping. Some do it for the sense of community and companionship, others for the sense of purpose it can add to their lives and some do it to help develop their own skills for future applications. Whatever the reasons though, we are always happy to have them helping us.


Every year we hold a number of events in the local community where we call upon the public to visit us and get a sense of the important work that we do. These are open for anyone to visit and often feature stalls and entertainment. Besides the money raised through these activities it is a great way for people to see us and the members. We often have stall space available to hire and have some extra helping hands come along from various places.