Every weekday we provide a lunch service that is available to our members.

Our lunches are freshly prepared each day and take into account of the dietary requirements and preferences of our members. We operate on a four week rotating menu which we update to match the seasons and feedback we receive from members.  

Below is an gallery showing an example of what the meals for a week may look like.




Beef Stew and Dumpling with Mash
Rice Pudding with Jam

Fish Pie with Carrots, Peas, Sweetcorn and Mash
Steamed Sponge and Custard

Mince Beef and Onion Pie with Carrots, Cabbage and Mash
Lemon Curd Sponge Cake with Custard

Sausage Plait with Carrots, Cabbage and Mash
Baked Jam Sponge with Custard