Membership at Howard Garden Social and Day Care Centre provides a whole range of benefits

Including access to:
Weekday Daycare and Lunch services
Afternoon Club activities
Seated Keep Fit Classes
Centre bookings for Chiropody and other health services

All for only £20 for the year*

There are many ways to become a member of Howard Gardens, either by a referral from GP’s, Social Services, Carers, Family or Friends. Or you can get in contact with us directly, after arranging an appointment with the centre you can begin a one month trial, with access to all our usual services, to see if the centre meets your needs and interests before becoming a full-fledged member. There’s no need to make a decision until the end of your trial so why not try and see what we have to offer.


*£20 membership is paid yearly from signup and then every subsequent April. Membership fee covers access to services but services may have additional costs.