Community Transport to the Centre

One of the problems older residents face is difficulty getting to and from places. Either because they are no longer driving, they are unable to walk so far or one of many other reasons. This is one of the factors that stack up against them and cause social isolation.

Members who attend the centre from Letchworth are eligible to make use of a free transport service that will pick them up from home, bring them to the centre and take them home at 2pm. If this is a service that you would be interested in please speak to the Care Organisers to arrange a place. Unfortunately as a free scheme placements on the transport are limited and we apologise if there is no availability when you speak to us.

If you liveĀ outside of Letchworth or are unable to use the free service then there is also a service provided by the wonderful people at North Herts CVS. Who provide drivers either for regular journeys or for other engagements. Whilst not a free service it is incredible cost effective and will provide door to door assistance. If you would like further details they can be contacted at 01462 689402 to discuss options, or if you would prefer we can speak them on your behalf.Ā